Modern Interior Design Styles

707 – If you are thinking about redecorating your home or office, then you may well want to consider modern interior design as the style is very popular. This style focuses on a clean look with minimal furniture including just a table and a few chairs. This gives the room a bright, clean feel, which can be great for anyone who loves to get their work done quickly. However, if you are considering modern interior design then there are a few things you should know before you start.

The Most Important Thing About Modern Interior Design Style

One of the most important things to know about modern interior design styles is that they don’t rely on bold colors and furnishings as many other styles do. Instead, this style relies on a clean, sleek design which relies on a few carefully selected pieces that compliment one another rather than clash. One of the key features is using straight lines and light colours. By doing so, you can give the room an understated elegance and it won’t have the same impact as more dramatic designs. Straight lines are easy to keep clean and this is one reason why this style of decor is so popular among those wanting to get into a fresh design style without clashing with existing furnishings.

Unlike some modern interior design styles, post-modernism does not place a strong emphasis on using bold colours or elaborate furnishings. Instead, this style relies on a clean, uncluttered design and relies on a mixture of textures and finishes. For example, this style may feature a mixture of textured wood with a concrete countertop – both of which contrast against the stainless steel of the walls. Because of this, you can see how this particular style can be easy to clean and also gives the room a very clean and minimalist look.

Creating a Bold Interior Look

In the mid-century, American design consciously borrowed from European design elements, especially the French movement which was heavily influenced by the post-modernist era. Mid-century designers mixed elements such as geometric patterns and textures to create a look that was bold and vibrant. This was a style well known for its modern art movement.

The combination of minimalism and contemporary design has made it incredibly popular in modern interior designs. Although minimalism does not refer to any type of technological advancement – such as computers or television sets – this design style simply means that the details and overall theme of the room are kept to a minimum. Due to the minimalistic theme, this can make it extremely difficult to find any form of ornamentation or over clutter in these designs. For instance, you would not usually find ornate mirrors in a bedroom or bathroom.

Simple Room Color Selection

This style simply refers to the simplicity aesthetic. These are rooms that are decorated in a barest of colours, with minimalist furniture and accessories. It’s a style that is both comfortable and modern, as it allows homeowners to keep their spaces simple and void of any forms of clutter. With this type of interior, it’s all about bright, bold colours such as white or black, along with a warm glow to the walls due to the neutral base. However, because of its contemporary feel, it can also often be considered a post-modern aesthetic.

Clean lines are also often a key characteristic of modern interior design. These clean lines are often found in areas that focus on functionality, such as the kitchen. For instance, while the straightness of a kitchen counter may not necessarily make it an effective space for cooking, the clean lines it contains can make the space appear less cluttered than other surfaces. Similarly, using straight lines to create internal spaces such as cabinets can make these spaces appear less cluttered than they actually are.

These are just some of the ways modern style designs have changed throughout the years. As mentioned above, this is a design style that is continually evolving and changing. This is in direct opposition to classic interior designs that tend to be fixed in place and generally unchanging. By designing interiors around particular eras, it’s possible to ensure that the interior will fit perfectly into the desired theme of any given room.


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