Industrial Bathroom Design Ideas

1095 – Small bathrooms are often overlooked in favor of large, spacious accommodations. Yet, small bath spaces can be just as luxurious as larger ones. There are several ways to create a small industrial bathroom. To keep it simple, use white or beige colored tiles and add a few white pieces of furniture, such as a coat stand. This will make your space feel homey and airy.

Brick Wall Decoration for Industrial Bathroom

Brick Walls and Ceilings are perfect for small industrial bathrooms, because they create a vintage, industrial look. The white washed finish offers an easy touch of texture complimenting the exposed brick walls. Then, add a few large round mirrors to the wall to complete the look of the small industrial bathroom. Make sure the mirrors are tinted so you don’t accidentally see your office equipment when working. Glass doors are the best choice for an exposed brick wall; you can even choose frosted glass doors for a more futuristic feel.

Tile Accents For a clean and uncluttered look, choose tile accents with a rough texture. Popular tile accent colors include distressed steel gray, yellow, white, and off-white. You can choose small industrial, small bathroom designs with tile trim in solid colors. Tiles with printed designs are also popular. If you have access to an available printer, create some custom designs using a software program.

Shower Boxes With exposed brick walls, you can add some earthy color with exposed red brick waterproofing. You can also use a coin rim on the shower area. You can also opt for a simple yet chic shower box that features brushed nickel hardware. This will give your small industrial bathroom a rustic industrial look. Choose a small shower box with a black chrome base and detailed chrome panels. A thermostatic valve assures water security for your workers’ health.

Soft Pastel Colors for Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Brick Walls For an authentic look, choose an exposed brick wall for your small bathroom design. This can be complemented by bold painted fixtures and cabinets. You can make your small bathroom appear larger with a mirrored wall. You can even paint the ceiling white. If you have limited space, install a small sink with a double, triple, or quadrant drain. You can find these drains in white, black, or red finishes.

Colors Choose soft pastel colors for small bathroom design ideas. This will add a relaxing ambience to the space. In addition, it will make your small space appear more spacious. To get inspired ideas, you can take a drive around various homes, offices, and stores so you’ll get an idea of how your ideal bathroom would look.

Concrete Walls Although concrete walls are very cold, you can still make your small space feel more warm. To achieve this effect, add a small faux marble countertop on one side of the wall. Then install a small vessel sink and soap dish on the other side of the faux marble countertop. Finally, get a modern faucet and modern chrome handle to finish the look.

Classic Industrial Bathroom Wood Cabinet

Colors Although hard surfaces are commonly used for small bathroom decorating, there are other ways to create an industrial look without sacrificing space. One is to use textured wallpaper on one wall. This will make your walls look like a welded mesh. You can also create interesting geometric patterns by painting the other walls in a variety of bright colors. This will give your walls a unique industrial look. Lastly, get a modern faucet with textured handles to finish the look.

Cabinets and Vanities Wood cabinets are another option when looking for an industrial bathroom. Wood cabinets give your small room a classic industrial style. As an alternative, you can get a simple stainless steel or copper cabinet. If you really want a classic industrial bathroom, then go for the wooden cabinet with metal legs.

Popular White Tile Designs for Industrial Bathroom

White Tile is another popular choice for small industrial design bathrooms. You can either use white tile paint or you can get a vinyl siding and paint it yourself. Vinyl siding is cheaper than the actual white tile and you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Just wipe it with a damp cloth once in a while. Other industrial design ideas include using white vinyl shower curtains, a white tile backsplash, or adding white textured wallpaper borders.

Shower Boxes Although not actually a bathroom necessity, a shower box provides ample storage space in a small industrial bathroom. Smaller showers take up less floor space, and a small shower box can make more room in a small room for other fixtures and vanities. A small soap dish or soap holder may be used for hand washing. A larger shower box may be necessary in order to accommodate a wheelbarrow or riser.


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