Pink Dining Room Design Ideas

479 – Thanks for checking out my article on pink dining room design ideas. If you have been looking for good, new design ideas for your dining room then I hope this article has given you some food for thought. I hope that you find your perfect inspiration here.

Choosing the Right Dining Room Chairs and Tables

Let’s start with the color pink. For many people it just doesn’t goes together. However, if you really think about it there are so many different shades of pink. Pink goes well with everything from light to dark purple, so don’t rule it out when choosing your dining area chairs and tables.

One of my favorite pink dining room design ideas is a checkered pattern. I love the look it gives a room. Of course this would not work well with a white or cream color table cloth, but if you use darker colored table cloths then you will get a checkered table cloth effect with almost any color of fabric. You could also use a few splashes of pink for the napkins.

Another of my favorite pink dining room design ideas is to go with a five-piece set. This will give your space a complete Pink Dining Room Design. With this set you will be able to change out your five piece table in a minute. Then with the matching flatware you can change out your forks, spoons, and knives very easily. So you always have new items to use!

Using Your Favorite Pink Color with the Best Looks

The five piece set comes in all kinds of colors. You can go with your favorite shade of pink, or find some deep, intense colors to make a statement as well. This is one of the best options for your dining area because you can change out only two items rather than changing out the entire dining set. You can keep the color palette the same all the way around, or you can go with a splash of a different color that will create an entirely new look.

For the walls in your Pink Dining Room Design ideas take a cue from some of the more “pink” design magazines you may pick up in the thrift stores or even outlet malls. Many women like to have a little bit of a Shock and Awe when they decorate their home, especially their dining area. Go with a bold rug in a fun pattern. Rugs come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles, so it’s not impossible to find one that matches the color scheme of your five piece set. Some women prefer to complement their rug by finding coordinating accent rugs on their five piece set, or by using pink accent pillows on their couch.

Pink Dining Room Design Ideas with Patterned Area Rugs

As for the walls, some things to consider are a light pink patterned area rug, a dark hardwood flooring, and perhaps some neutral colored candles to add a little sparkle to the room. If you have a glass coffee table, then you will also want to add a couple throw pillows in a similar color to the glass coffee table. Crystal chandeliers can complete any Pink Dining Room Design ideas.

One thing about chandeliers and area rugs is that they have to be carefully thought out. It doesn’t matter how pretty the pattern is if the wall-to-wall units aren’t going to hold the candle back properly. Walls need to be square, and if you are planning on using your dining room as a homework space for your children while they work on their school projects you may want to consider a chalkboard. Wall area rugs go well with pink walls because they are so versatile and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what kind of pattern you choose to paint your walls, as long as it all goes together and looks warm and inviting.


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