What Constitutes a Tripping Hazard?


ErlanggaBlog.com – A city crew trimmed a homeowner’s plants, and that expense is reflected on their property tax bill. But what constitutes a tripping hazard? There are a variety of definitions of tripping hazards, and Alexandria city ordinances treat them differently. According to city code, a tripping hazard is a one-inch deviation in grade or depression.

In this case, the plaintiff suggests a glaring warning

A tripping hazard may also occur when someone is trying to cross a public sidewalk and tripped on the uneven surface. In this case, the plaintiffs suggest a conspicuous warning about an uneven sidewalk. In their court filing, Dinoff cited a previous case in which an uneven sidewalk was found to be a tripping hazard, and said that the sidewalk should have had a warning for the ledge.

Luggage grip is a very common hazard

While a tripping hazard may involve an item that is not clearly marked as a tripping hazard, a luggage grip was an incredibly common hazard. Despite the hazard of falling luggage on a moving train, McGinn’s fall could be covered by BIA regulations. The BIA requires railroads to remove tripping hazards from the floor.

How to reduce or eliminate the tripping hazard

The best way to deal with a tripping hazard is to address it as soon as possible. Fortunately, a few simple steps can reduce or eliminate a tripping hazard. The first step is to assess the hazard and determine the best way to remedy it. Using the correct equipment is crucial in preventing a tripping hazard. Moreover, a proper analysis of the situation will determine how to fix it, and prevent any potential future hazard from developing.

In addition to inspecting the location of a tripping hazard, the city should consider its accessibility and other features. For example, brick sidewalks tend to be uneven, so any sudden changes in elevation will increase the chance of tripping. A tripping hazard is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits discrimination based on disability. As a result, if you discover a tripping hazard, you could be sued.


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