How to: Clean your Fabric Couch in 5 Simple Steps


The beautiful couch in the living room is not only for your comfort, it is also to showcase your style. Stains and spills on the couch can cramp your style and make you look uncool. But spillage is unavoidable. What we can do is know the basic steps to clean that stylish and elegant fabric couch, and get to the cleaning process quickly and efficiently. Here, we will share 5 simple steps to clean your fabric couch.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations & Cleaning Code

In the couch tag, you can find the manufacturer’s instructions for care. Carefully study these and only use products that are suitable for cleaning the fabric couch. Not using safe cleaning products mentioned in the manufacturer’s instruction can cause the couch to get permanently damaged. The random letters found on the couch tag indicate what kind of cleaners can be used to clean the couch. W means water-based cleaner, S/W means solvents and water-based cleaners, and S means Solvents.

Remove Loose Particles and Vacuum

Some loose particles like dirt, dust, stains, and lint will be present on the couch. Use a dry brush to remove such particles. And then vacuum the couch completely to remove any loose particles that remain even after rubbing the couch with a dry brush. These processes will help us identify some tough stains that need extra care while we clean.

Clean with Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective cleaning product. Sprinkle the baking soda over the entire couch to remove the odour and to further loosen the stains and spills. We can also use a mixture of baking soda and water in equal parts for any areas of deep stains. By letting it sit there for some time, the baking soda will absorb the stain, then vacuum it again. But before trying this solution or any other solution on the couch, try it on a test portion to know if there are any side effects to the solution we are going to use for cleaning.

Spot Treatment with Recommended Agent

Start cleaning the couch using the recommended agent. Before that don’t forget to test it on the test portion and make sure it doesn’t cause discolouration. Use the recommended cleaner and spread it on top of the fabric. After some time, use a soft cloth to wipe away the solution.

Dry the Fabric Couch

Usage of cleaning solution will leave the couch wet, use a dry towel to pat down the wet areas and soak up the moisture. Gently brush over the fabric couch and the remaining cleaning solution. Air-dry the couch overnight and you will get a fresh couch in the morning.

We hope these steps will serve you in your cleaning process. And for deep cleaning of your fabric couch, you can use a steamer or can hire professional cleaning companies. Make sure your couch is heat-safe if you are planning to use a steamer. Professional cleaning companies are proficient in cleaning any type of couch, not just fabric. So, if your couch is giving you trouble then give a call to a professional cleaning company.


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