How To Make a 3D Painting


Hello guys, welcome back to our website. Today I want to share you a tip to how to make a 3D painting. Well, you must ever see 3D a painting, right? You need excel skill on painting and great imagination. However, before we start to learn about the 3D painting we also need to know everything about it first.

What is 3D Painting?

Do you ever see 3D painting art? You like them? Do you know how to make it or history behind it? Well, I think I should give some brief explanation to you about 3D painting. So, my first question is did you know the definition of 3D painting? Can you give me some brief explanation about it? I can guess you can’t give me a single explanation about 3D painting, right?

The definition of 3D painting itself is an art where you paint some pictures and make them looks real. The 3D painting itself is a street art called street painting or mural. They also use chalks as their brush to painting on street or using a spray paint to painting on the wall. They are just a street painter and somehow it’s a shame for our government because they are less noticing them. Sometimes, this street artist also arrested because of the wrong report and sometimes they also reported as a thief. However, because of lack evidence, they will get freed again.

So, after we know a little about what is 3D painting, now is the time for us to know about the history of street art. Some of us maybe think this art come from Japan or maybe U.S but guess we are wrong! When we trace back the history of street art or 3D painting. This art comes from Britain street at 1980. Sometimes, they called the street artist as pavement artist or “Screever”. The painting from “Screever” sometimes comes with a poem, lesson, morality, or political situation.

How To Make a 3D Painting?

Well, after knowing a little about 3D painting. You must be curious about how to make this art, right? Well, making high complexity art like 3D painting isn’t easy because you need to have a high taste about art and knowing a way to make a good art with chalks. Yeah, you can call it as their signature because everyone has a different way to see something and make it as an art, right?

So, to make this 3D painting isn’t an easy job. You can find it on Youtube or Google. Sometimes they also offer you a tutor to watch and follow. It’s really an easy way to learn 3D painting. However, if you still can’t make it by following the tutor they give (same people just can’t learn just by watching) maybe you need to pay a teacher to teach you how to make this 3D art.

Well, I think this is enough from me. If you find this article useful for you. Please share my article. See you soon on my next unique article from me.


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