Hanako The Ghost Girl, Beauty and Scary Ghost From Japan

hanako the ghost girl

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share you something from Japanese urban legend, it’s Hanako The Ghost Girl. Everyone in Japan must know about her. However, who is she? Why she become a ghost? What is her story? Let’s find out more about her today.

Hanako The Ghost Girl

Do you ever wonder why Hanako name become so scary in Japanese country? The answer is because her name has been known because of her sad story. However, there are not so many people knowing about her story. Hanako story only becomes a rumor and urban legend spreading wide in Japan scaring everyone in the “Sun Rise” land.

So, the question is who is Hanako? Well, according to some rumor that spread from people stories about her, she is a girl that commit suicide with jumping from her library window. There are so many stories about this girl but no one knows about the real story of her. Hanako real story about why she become a ghost still remains a mystery until now.

Hanako-san is a ghost that likes to haunt girl bathroom. She sometimes showed herself in the bathroom mirror or from the septic tank hole. Wow, it’s so nasty. Hanako sometimes appears with a red skirt or sometimes she also appears with white clothes. So, do you feel creeps out now? Well, I’m still not hit the greatest point of my article. I still have a few information about Hanako.

Brave Enough To Call Her?

So, do you have enough bravery to call her out? Do you have enough courage to challenge her to come to your place? Do you want to know how to call Hanako out? There is some folk about the way to call Hanako from her rest. Some people say you need to mock her (I really not recommending about this way), the other say you only need to knocking 3 times at girl bathroom and ask about her presence, after that if the ritual succeeds she will answer your question and open the door that you have knocked and pull you into the other world. The other people say the only thing you need to do is walk around 3 times inside boy bathroom and she will appear with the different way to appear, she will show herself with taking a form of a bloody hand.

There are so many people who use this ritual as a prank or just to test out their bravery. However, I really appreciate if you not doing something like that. You know how it feels when someone plays a prank with your name? Why you never think about her feeling. We need to pray for her, not mock at her misfortune.

Well, I think my article today about Hanako the ghost girl is enough for today. I hope this article can give you a lesson on how you must value your life. We only live once so we need to value it. If you think this article awesome enough to be shared, please share this article with your friends or families. Thanks for reading and see you next time guys.


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