Spooky Forest From All Over The World

spooky forest

Hello, guys welcome back to my site. This day I want to share you something scary. Can you guess? Yeah, my topic today is about a spooky forest. Do you believe there are something else in this world, something aside from us, human? So, Can you explain something beyond reason? Well, today let’s discuss something spooky like this.

Spooky Forest

Do you know why people claim a place is spooky especially an abandoned house or dark forest? Some people will be answered because there are some stories about this place but most of it include ghost and some unexplained accident. However, do you know the real definition of spooky? No? Well, maybe I will give you some brief explanation about it. Spooky is sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease. So, do you have something spooky to tell to us? If your answer is no, maybe you need to follow my article today. Because today I will shake your bones and make you shivering with my story about this horror place.

Haunted Forest In The World

Do you believe in ghost? What about a serial killer do you believe they exist? Do you ever wondering where are ghost live? Do you know there is a few haunted forest in this world? No? Well, I will give you a few example of haunted forest in the world that will make you shiver if you step in there.

  1. Aokigahara Forest (Suicide Forest) in Japan.
    1. This forest is well known in Japan region. There are so many suicide accidents in this forest and this becomes the reason why this forest is haunted. The most common thing they do to end their life is hanging their self on the tree or overdose a medicine. Spooky right?
  2. Dering Woods or Screaming Forest in Britain.
    1. The woods get their name because of the screams from people. Sometimes they hear coming from the forest at late night. Do you brave enough to stay one night in this forest?
  3. Hoia РBaciu Forest or Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania.
    1. Hoia РBaciu forest has been famous since 1968. His popularity is caused by Alexandru Sift the Biologist capture a photo of a disc Рshaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying above this forest. Since that time this forest becomes really famous among all paranormal who try to prove about this place.

Don’t Forget To Peek Under Your Bed

After reading the example of 3 spooky forests in the world. What do you think about it? Is it just a hoax? Or is it real? Well, whether you think that places are real or just a hoax, the only thing we need to remember is we are not the only living thing in this world. There are still so many unexplained things in this world and we live near with them.

Well, I think my article today about the Spooky forest is ended here. I hope you enjoy my information today. Please share this information with your friends if you want to scare and make them can’t sleep this night. I hope we can meet in next chance. See you soon guys and don’t forget to lock the door and take a peek under your bed, maybe you will find something.


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