Techies The Mad Scientist Who Like To Explode Thing

Techies The Mad Scientist

Hello guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share about a lore from Dota 2 hero Techies The Mad Scientist. This hero is really fun to play. However, do you know how to use this hero efficiently? How to get more kill score with this hero? What role is suitable for this hero? Let’s find out now.

Techies The Mad Scientist

Squee, Spleen, and Spoon are trio ranged heroes in Dota 2 however because they are just an Intelligence hero they have really less damage with their normal attack. These heroes¬†are having a great name in laying a deadly trap to enemies fields. Squee, Spleen, and Spoon are well known because of his bravery but some said it was their stupidity. Techies job in the game is to prevent enemies heroes progress when farming. That’s why sometimes Techies can be so disturbing. Especially because you are afraid to farm in your jungle because of their mines maybe already spread all over your jungle.

There are not many Dota 2 player know about the story of these trio heroes. His name has been written as the greatest demolitions team called Techies Demolitions Industries. They even have blown his workshop making whole villagers run in chaos and panic. Guess what? They just laugh and wondering if they can make the explosion bigger and more beauty. Techies become more and more feared because he has no doubt to suicide because of his madness to the explosion.

Techies Game Play

There are not many people know how to play with Techies. This hero is awesomely easy to play but I will suggest you play this hero if you are already playing for more than 100 hours. This hero needs a tactic and mature knowledge about player Dota habit so your bomb will not be a waste. Here are some tips from me about Squee, Spleen, Spoon gameplay.

  1. In the very early minute, you need to get there first before your enemy team. Plant some bomb in bounty place. Wait a few sec, hide in the shadow, make sure you are not spotted and “BOOM” first blood in your hand.
  2. Don’t be too aggressive, stay calm and hide as much as you can. Don’t let yourself being targeted or spotted by your enemies. This is the most mistake people like to do. They are taking “Blast Off” as their escape route. They didn’t know their skill need long casting time and can be canceled by a few thing like “Orchid”, “Black King Bar”, “Abyssal Blade” and many other items that can interrupt his casting time.
  3. Put your bomb in both of enemies shrine. You also can put your bomb on “Juke” route. Don’t let your enemies run away!
  4. Put your bomb on both secret shops. Remember, as someone with a job to hold up enemies team item progress. This also can bee the great solution for you.

Techies Item Build

After you reading how to play Techies correctly, you must be questioning how can you have enough MP for this, right? So, what do you think can help Techies to fulfill his mana need? You can’t always depend on “Clarity” right? Well, I think I will let you take a peek some of my Techies item builds.

  1. Try to make Tranquil Boots or Arcane Boots.
    • Tranquil Boots can be used if you don’t like to risk your own life after using Soul Ring. However, if you like risk and mad like Techies you will prefer Arcane Boots because this can grants you more mana, this also means more bomb to be planted.
  2. Still, lack of mana? Try to make Eul Scepter!
    • This item will provide you with mana regen and help you to launch more combo with this item. Especially if you think it’s hard to hit an enemy with your “Blast Off” skill.
  3. Blood Stone always become the final item.
    • Aside from its expensive price. This item also like a double edged sword. Why? It’s because this item will grant you a lot of mana regen and HP regen also will shorten your respawn time but this item will lose recharge every time you die. So you will not use your “Blast Off” skill too often.

Be Wise To Choose

That’s all the items I love to build when playing Techies. There are still 3 slots left in your item slots so fill it carefully according to the situation of your team. Well, I guess my tips and tricks on how to play Techies The Mad Scientist is ended now. I hope you can use my little tricks and tips to fight your enemies in real battle. If you find my article useful for you, please share this article with your friend or another Techies player. See you on my next article guys.

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