How To Maintain Your Anger? Tips To Control Your Emotion

how to maintain your anger

Hi and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share about a topic on how to maintain your anger. There are so many people love to angry at the other people. We even don’t know how to cooling down them. Because sometimes people that controlled by anger usually not listening to the other people, right? Well, before we talk further about anger, we need to know what is anger so we can identify and find a solution about it.

How To Maintain Your Anger?

Anger is the most emotion that is very easy in controlling the human mind. We as human are very easy to angry to the other people even for something unimportant like when your lover forget to tell anniversary to you, like when someone annoys you when you have a rough day, or maybe even for a very simplest matter like when they are accidently nudging you when you are eating. Well, all that problem is supposed not really important and not worth to be the reason why you are angry, right?

However, not for some people who have a bad temper. That’s why we need to maintain our anger. Before we learn on how to fix our bad temper. Let’s find out the real definition of anger. Anger is an emotion that involves a strong uncomfortable feeling and emotional response to a perceived provocation, hurt or a threat. So, anger is our natural response every time we get hurt and feel a threat. That’s why some people who get broken heart is very easy to angry.

People who get conquered by anger can be very easy to identify. You can look at their facial expression or on how they are giving a response to our question. Well, I suggest you step away and give them a little time to cooling down except you know how to cooling down them. As you can see, the case of anger itself has spread and even threat national security, you can look at the case in North Korea who feels really angry at the United States government and ready to start a war anytime they want.

How To Fix Your Bad Temper

Some people just really not care about the side effect of anger. They think it’s okay to express their feeling. It’s about the freedom to express your feeling. That’s what they will say if we advised them about their habit to angry or maybe we can think about the worst scenario that will happen to us. They will angry and mock to us and telling us to care about our own problem and stop caring about other people problem, right?

However, as human, we can’t just sit down and let them sink in their own anger. We can help them, try to giving them a little advice, ask them to read more calming books, hearing the mellow song, and do some meditation. I think that will work for some people. However, if all of our suggestion still not working on them. Maybe the real problem is inside their own mind and heart. They need to learn to forgive their own self, and they also need to learn to forgive the other people in order to achieve peace in their life.

Humanity inside our self is judged and valued on how we are reacting to our surrounding. Whether it’s bad or it’s good everything is according to our own self. Well, I think my explanation this day about how to maintain your anger is ended now. I hope my article today can help you to maintain your anger. If you have any question you can ask me in the comment column. Well, if you think my article is inspiring you, please share my article to the other people. Thanks for reading my article for today, see you again in another chance guys.

“Where there is anger there is always pain underneath”



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