Pudge Dota 2 Guide, Play Like a Pro and Win

pudge dota 2 guide

Hello and good morning everyone, welcome back to my website today. This day I want to share with you about the legendary hero in dota 2. Who doesn’t know about pudge? Especially since Dendi from Na’Vi success to doing some tricks on this hero with his Fountain Hook skill, this hero getting back his popularity again. With flexible role, Pudge seems to be the right choice to counter heroes like Invoker, Sniper, and other weak heroes with low health point. However, there is only a few people who can play Pudge correctly¬†and most of them just become a burden on their team. Yeah, because Pudge player needs to calculating every single possibility that will happen in the battlefield. That’s why this day I will try to build some Pudge dota 2 guide for you so you can increase your ability to play Pudge even better.

Pudge Dota 2 Guide and Tips

Well, as the most used hero in Dota 2 especially in the big tournament like The International. This can be the sign that playing Pudge also need an accel accuracy and great calculation and positioning also become matter too. Yeah, as you know playing pudge isn’t easy but that’s not holding people to pick this hero as a mid lane hero or roaming hero. Some people even pick Pudge as a semi-support hero. Yeah since Pudge is so flexible and can be placed in any role. This hero becomes so popular despite the fact you need an accel skill to play this hero.

Can you imagine if someone who never played this hero before playing Pudge with you? With zero points of escape, well there is more than 100% possibilities that they will feed using this hero. Yeah, I can’t lie, this hero is not for newbie people but as long as we want to try something new, then why not? However, to play pudge the butcher isn’t as hard as you think. This hero only needs a few item to strengthen his own self.

Pudge Item Build

This hero is very dependable on the battlefield situation. That’s why I think you don’t need many items to play this hero. Maybe you only need a few core item like Blink Dagger in order to chase down your enemy team and doing some surprise attack, Tranquil Boots to regen your health point, Urn Of Shadow to save some souls to charge your health later or you can use it to save your friends and the last and the most important thing is Heart Of Tarasque to make your hero become unbeatable as you never seen before.

Pudge is the most suitable for brave people because he is so durable. Pudge itself can help your team to do some initiation with kidnapping enemy team carry or support. Well, I think my article today about Pudge Dota 2 guide is enough for today. If you think my article today is helpful for you, please share my article with the other player of Dota 2. Thanks for coming to my website and reading my article today. See you soon on my next article guys.


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