What is Plagiarism and Way To Prevent It

what is plagiarism

Hello and welcome back to my website guys. Today I want to share with you a topic about what is plagiarism and how to prevent it. Well, plagiarism issue has spread for very long time in so many industries like computer, phone, movie, song, book, and even an article can be copied too. That’s why today in this website we will find out more about this plagiarism act and ways to prevent it. Check it out now on my article guys.

What is Plagiarism?

ways to avoid plagiarism

Well, in the world full of technology, avoiding plagiarism is very hard. Why? because there are so many ways to do that nowadays, from the internet, radio, youtube, and may other ways. Yeah, that’s why making a copyright for our creations is very important to do. However, there are still so many people that look down at that and ends up being upset when their creation getting duplicated by the other people.

However, even though there are so many consequences of plagiarism, it still can’t prevent people for plagiarizing your idea. Well, honestly I think we will never be able to stop people from plagiarizing our idea because there is a possibility that we will get the same idea even tough that possibility very small.

So, what will you do if someone plagiarizing your idea? Will you sue them? Will you think it’s just a coincidence? Well, every reaction you will give it depends on how mature you are. We will never able to expect a wise act from someone who not mature yet, right?

Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

ways to avoid plagiarism

If you ask me about how to avoid plagiarism, I will definitely say I even don’t know how to protect my own article from plagiarism. Well, even tough we don’t know official ways to protect our creations, we will always find the ways to avoid plagiarism with our own ways, right?

We can try to make something that the other people can’t copy it from us, it’s like that creations only can be mad by our hands, we need something that really unique and different to make this ways success. We also can try to make a copyright for our creations as fast as possible, yeah before someone copies it and make a copyright on it because there are so many events that happen like that and guess what? Even tough that creations born from your own hand and idea, you will be the bad guys because he makes the copyright first before you, irony? Yeah, the world is full of irony.

Well, I think my article today about what is plagiarism is enough and clear. I hope my article can help you and make you realize the danger of plagiarism. Thanks for becoming my fellow reader and if you think my article today is useful for the other people or maybe your friends, don’t forget to share my article with them in order to help them know more about plagiarism. See you soon in my next article and I hope you have a nice day guys.


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