Runescape Guide For Newbie Player

runescape guide

Yo, good morning guys, welcome back to my website. Today I want to share with you about Runescape guide for a newbie player. Well, there are so many people that are a newbie in this game and that’s become my main reason to share this guide about this Runescape game. Well, don’t worry I will also give some review about this game too. So, stay tuned to my website and check this out.

Runescape Guide

Runescape is very amazing game because this game can survive for more than 15 years in the gaming world. Also for your information, there are not so many games that can hang on for more than 15 years until now. Well, honestly I’m not a professional player or top player in this game but I will try to give the best tips about this Runescape game for you. That’s why I want you to stay tuned for my Runescape review for more information about this game.

I still remember the first time I played this game, well you can say I’m totally like an idiot for several people but what can I do about that, I’m a noob in this game. Luckily, I met someone who kindly explains and teaches me how to play this game. Well, maybe that’s my lucky day, LOL. He also whispered me and asks me if I want some tricks to be a pro in no time.

I was thinking that it was a trap or another bullshit but I threw away all that negative thought I get and start to whisper back and say “yes”. He said I need to wait a while and only take 5 minutes for him to come back to me and give me some legendary items and few golds as a testimony, he also whispered me a website to be opened after this. Well, as his order I open that website and guess what? He gives me the Runescape hack to me freely, can you imagine that? How kind this person?

Runescape Tips

Well, as you read above I’m so lucky, right? However, I’m not that type of people who can get persuaded easily. Yeah, I try to test this thing on my fake account first. Well, on my first run I try to generate some golds all by self and I think this tool works quite great for a free tool. That’s why I want to share with you about this tool too becauseĀ it’s sound so unfair when I’m having fun alone, right?

I think my article today about Runescape guide is enough for today. I hope my article today can help you to become greater and better. Well, if you think my article today is useful for you and can help your friends too, please share my article with them. Thanks for coming to my website today and becoming my fellow reader. I hope you will get what you need in your Runescape game with my tips and tricks I share with you. Once again I hope you have nice day friends.



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