Home Decorating Ideas For A Nordic Environment


Erlanggablog.com – Home furnishings are now an important aspect of any interior decoration and Scandinavian home fits in perfectly with this idea. Scandinavian homes have a very distinct style, due to its interesting Geography. The country is well known for its mountains, Moors and dense forests. With the open spaces came some unique furnishings.

Characteristics of a Scandinavian Style Home

If you are planning to redecorate your Scandinavian home, you should pay attention to the concept of minimalism. A typical Scandinavian home should be furnished with as little furniture as possible and yet have the functionality to carry out everyday tasks. This minimalistic approach to furnishing made popular by the likes of Ikea and home furnishing line Sweden. The key behind the minimalist concept is the ability to make the most of the limited space available. Here are some key pieces of Scandinavian design furniture, which will help you get started with your own minimalistic Scandinavian home.

Compact Living Room Furniture can be created with a mix of natural materials like wood and metal. Geometric patterns like those found in Scandinavia make the best combination for a Scandinavian aesthetic. The lack of width makes the pieces fit together more closely, yet allow for fluid movements without clutter. This type of furniture has clean lines, yet gives a warm feeling to the room.

The Importance of Shelves in Scandinavian Design

The clean lines of a Scandinavian home decor are further complemented by the simple lines of their furniture and floor coverings. Scandinavian interior design focuses heavily on functionality instead of ornamentation. This is why items such as shelves are so important in a Scandinavian design. In fact, many pieces are functional, yet aesthetically pleasing.

Bedroom Furniture with Simple Lines and Solid Wood – Scandinavian interior design also takes the concept of function very seriously. Interior designers from Scandinavia create beautiful but simple furniture pieces to save on space, while making the most of light and natural materials. Many of these furnishings are quite fancy in looks, yet they are actually quite affordable. Examples include beds in simple lines, with open spaces on either side.

Organizing Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian interior design focuses on the importance of storage space, especially in the home. Items of furniture in a typical Scandinavian home can be arranged in different ways. For example, in a bedroom, a set of shelves can organize clothing as well as cosmetics and so on. Similarly, a room can be decorated with a jewelry chest, or even with a hutch. The beauty of Scandinavian furniture is that it is simple in its construction yet provides functionality. Also, the colors and textures of such items often coordinate with the surroundings and are thus appropriate choices for home decoration.

Scandinavian interior decor goes well with dark and light shades equally. The rule is, however, that the lighter colors should be used for the bathroom or guest rooms, while darker shades are best used for the bedrooms. The furniture in such rooms should also have a black finish, since black is the color that gives the room a touch of depth. Another thing to bear in mind with Scandinavian design is that white walls are a must, along with black or brown curtains. These wall treatments ensure that sunlight doesn’t enter the room, which in turn guarantees a cozy and peaceful ambiance.

Overall, the look and feel you get from a Scandinavian home depend on your choice of furniture, colors and textures. Black and white walls and furniture give a clean feel to the environment, while dark and heavy furniture gives a feeling of strength and power. Additionally, wooden furnishings provide a warm and relaxing environment. Furniture made of black wood and red wood are the best options for a bedroom, where you can try out different patterns and styles. For other rooms in the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, you might want to choose furniture with clean lines and dark colors, so as to give the impression that the home is clean and organized.


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