Victorian Bathroom Design Ideas

781 – Small Victorian Bathroom Designs. Perfectly fitting for those of us with hectic schedules and limited bathroom space, small Victorian Bathroom Ideas are a wonderful idea for people who try to add dazzling ambience and drama into their bathroom, most especially for those of us who tend to shy away from a more traditional and formal style bathroom. So why not go for something that will be the center of attention in your bathroom? After all, we are talking about your personal space here. Here are some amazing and creative small Victorian bathroom ideas you can easily steal, without emptying your pocket!

The Beauty of Victorian Bathroom Design

Some of the most amazing small Victorian bathroom designs are in the form of ornate mirrors. You may opt to have a rectangular glass shade with ornate panels engraved with floral or other designs. The beauty of this style is that it can fit perfectly in a corner while still giving that beautiful contrast between light and dark that perfectly complements your bathroom furniture such as your cabinets, basins, shelves and toilet papers holder.

You can also add drama to a small Victorian style bathroom by installing stunning large floor mirrors. These large floor mirrors are made from etched glass and are therefore very eye-catching. You can choose to have a single large mirror or have several small mirrors all lined up in a decorative pattern. You can either choose a plain design or one that has some intricate carvings or designs. Having a large mirror like this is a great idea to create the illusion of a much larger bathroom. If you opt to install these large floor mirrors, be sure to put them at an angle so that they can reflect the light properly.

Use of Tadelakt Adds Drama to the Victorian Bathroom

Another great way to add drama to a small Victorian bathroom is by using tadelakt. If you are wondering what a tadelakt is, it is an Asian antique mirror. It is made from wood, usually mahogany, and is beautifully carved. Some come with carvings while others feature abstract or floral patterns.

You can also create a dazzling ambiance inside your bathroom by adding an elaborate chandelier or two. You can have the light play off of your mirrors so that it adds shimmer and shine to your space. Chandeliers don’t have to be traditional. You can look for unique ideas such as the “saucy swan” design or the “winged lantern” design. These are just a few ideas that you will find. With all these different styles and designs, you can be sure that you will find a decorating plan that fits your home decor perfectly.

Best Victorian Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

When decorating a small Victorian style bathroom, you want to keep in mind that the most important element is the flooring. Most people opt for either carpeting or tile. Carpeting sounds nice but it is quite costly since it is handmade by hand. The downside of carpeting is that it doesn’t hold up well to the weather so you will have to reapply the adhesive on a regular basis in order to keep the tiles in place.

If you decide to use tiles in your small Victorian design ideas, the one option available is to go with glass tiles. Glass is usually used in large bathrooms in order to reflect light in an attractive way. You can add some interesting design elements to your small Victorian bathroom ideas by going with interesting glass tiles. You can find these at many different retailers and stores both locally and online.

One other way to get a small Victorian bathroom design idea is to choose to use an ornate tile backsplash. Ornate tile backsplashes look fantastic in this type of bathroom because they bring out the charm of the period. These tile backsplashes are often made from different types of material including ceramic and glass. They can also be handpainted and even tumbled. This gives them a sense of whimsy and adds a lot to the charm of the room. If you want to really give your bathroom a charming little Victorian touch, then consider using these tiles.


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