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475 – The Victorian style is known for its simplicity and gracefulness. It’s a period that can be characterized by smooth clean lines and plain yet elegant homes. Some call it elegant, simple, or timeless. The Victorian-style exudes simplicity with an underlying dark elegance that is truly a sight to behold.

Victorian Exterior Color Scheme Selection

Victorian Exterior When you paint your home, there are many choices to make. You can go for a classical white color scheme that will match all interior and exterior decors perfectly. You can also opt for a more modernistic approach in colors and features such as copper, bronze, rust and stone. Yet, if you’re more inclined towards using antique colors or accents, then you can do that too. There are lots of ways to approach this type of project. Here are some tips.

Choosing Victorian Exterior Colors The most common colors for Victorian homes are earthy tones such as brown, sand, tan, clay, brick, and terracotta. These colors will blend perfectly with existing colors in your home interior and exterior, as well as any other modern or antique pieces you have at home. You may also want to choose light colors because the dark shades will become more noticeable at night. But you can be sure that the lighter shades will not cause any additional discomfort for your guests or for yourself as you sleep.

Decorative Gables When selecting paint colors for your Victorian exterior walls, the architectural details will be your main concern. There are lots of architectural styles you can choose from to give the old-fashioned feeling. Many homes nowadays use a combination of three or four architectural styles. You can also try different shades and hues of white for the painted decorative gables. Choose something that is moderately bright yet not so shiny that it takes over the architectural details.

The Beauty of White on the Victorian Exterior

Some people would prefer to use white on their Victorian colors exterior because of its clean and straight look. This design has a very simple and clean look, which can be easily imitated when painting the rest of your house. Just make sure that whatever color you choose is not too glaring or too overwhelming since this is what you will be giving us an impression of your visitors. This particular design style has a very simple but appealing look that one can easily imitate or even come up with one of your own.

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Victorian exterior walls You can also try using different colors of paints to achieve a particular look you want your home to have. You just have to find out the right color that will go with the existing paint colors of your house. You should not choose colors that will be too garish or bright since this will distract from the design. The Victorian period was a time that was known for its simplicity and beauty. Thus, you should take advantage of that period of time’s remnants in painting your Victorian home.

Tips for Choosing Colors for a Victorian House

If you are using dark colors on the flooring and ceilings of your room, then you should use lighter colors on the walls and the gables. In this way, you will achieve a very smart aspect of the design. You can add a touch of blue or green to the roof of your Victorian home by using sky blue or sky green wallpaper instead of plain white wallpaper. These color schemes will further emphasize the architectural features of your home.

In order for you to achieve a smart aspect and proper representation of the Victorian era, you should follow the different color schemes used in Victorian houses during that time. You should use a combination of red, black, brown, cream and white. Also, you can use other colors depending on the specific architectural characteristics of your house. By following these tips, you will be able to create the best and most suitable Victorian exterior house colors for your home.


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