Shabby Chic Library Decorating Ideas


Erlanggablog.comShabby Chic furniture is an old world, romantic style that became extremely popular in the US during the late 1970s. Shabby style furniture is generally associated with antique or older items. Antique furniture, shabby chic pieces, shabby chic beds, and eclectic furniture all merge in a shabby chic design to create a distinctly old-world look. Some people refer to shabby chic as “vintage” style, but it’s more accurately described as vintage or country style.

Adding Shabby Chic Bedroom Furniture

If you’re interested in adding shabby chic bedroom furniture to your home, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, if you decide to go the shabby style route for your furniture, it’s important to remember that this is very subjective. Your decorator may want a very traditional and elegant look; however, others may choose something a bit less formal. It’s important to remember that each person has their own personalities and likes, so be sure to take that into consideration when you make your design choices. Also, keep in mind that many of the shabby style furniture pieces are quite valuable, so be sure to find a designer who is trustworthy and reliable.

The shabby style lends itself to lots of small accents. Shabby cabinets, linen hampers, and French doors can add a charming touch to any bedroom. Shabby cabinets allow you to save space by using hanging space on the front of the cabinet for accessories like makeup, belts, shoes, or jewelries. French doors can either be opened to reveal an amazing view of the outdoors or covered to keep the interior design quiet.

Wardrobe Is an Important Element of Shabby Chic

An important element of the shabby style is the closet organizer. Many of these organizers are actually quite gorgeous and can blend well into the overall shabby style and color scheme. There are plenty of options available to choose from. Whether you want to go with a simple coat hanger or a large, ornate wood storage chest, you’ll have plenty of options. Some great examples of this type of closet organizer include chests that feature metal wire clasps on the front and are lined in shabby chenille, wicker, or leather.

Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on these items as they generally don’t cost a fortune. In fact, most of them are quite affordable. In addition to being very reasonably priced, they can also add a lot of character to your home while giving your closet a fun, aged appearance. Remember that the goal is to bring out the natural beauty of your home; adding aged wood or cedar to your walls is just one of the many ways that you can accomplish this goal.

Tips for Using Shabby Chic Decorative Furniture and Accessories

In the end, adding shabby style items to your home will help you to give it that charming, worn in look that is so popular right now. These old world furnishings and accessories will give you a homesy sense. Not only will you be adding an interesting focal point, but you’ll be adding a wonderful decorative touch. The great thing about shabby style furniture is that it can be updated easily and will continue to fit in with your current decor.

If you haven’t taken advantage of this popular trend, you’re missing out. While you may think that shabby chic is over, it’s certainly not. This style is actually gaining popularity among interior designers right now. Think of the possibilities. You could decorate your entire library filled with shabby style furniture and antique books that are currently in great shape.


As always, with anything in life there is both the opportunity and the challenge. Don’t let shabby chic overwhelm or discourage you. Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean it has to look it. In fact, it’s even better if you use it to start your design process. As you work on your library, you’ll notice how each item interacts with one another. Once you’ve worked out the details, you’ll be able to choose shabby style furniture for every room of your house.


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