Decorating Ideas for Small Shabby Chic Living Rooms

496 – Small shabby chic living rooms are a very popular design these days. They are sophisticated, decorative, and always look very well put together. Most often they are the result of a person wanting to get back a bit of their youth, without starting from scratch. But the beauty of small shabby chic living room furniture is that it can be made to work with just about any decorating style. This means you can make use of practically any color scheme and mood you wish – even if it’s more modern than your own.

Small Shabby Chic Living Room Design Ideas

You don’t need to be a very experienced interior designer to implement small shabby chic living room design ideas. All you need is a good eye for what sort of effect you’re going for. For example, you may want to keep things very simple, as if you were hanging a picture in a frame. Or you could go for a very ornate look, with rich brocades and gold frames. There are plenty of small shabby chic pieces out there that will do just this. Just remember to match them up with neutral surroundings, such as browns and creams or black and white.

One thing that’s very important to look out for when considering small shabby chic living room furniture is the presence of dents or scratches. These will look very unsightly and could cause people to not enjoy spending time in your living space. If there are too many of these, it could make the room look unfinished and cluttered, and this isn’t what you want.

So how can you achieve the small shabby chic living room look? One way is to paint everything in pale, pastel tones. This doesn’t have to mean the walls or even the furniture – you can apply an equal amount of bright colour to the accessories. Some great ideas for accessories include unusual silk flowers, old photograph frames, and vases filled with flowers.

Using the Best Furniture

You can also use items like plant pots, pottery, and even tea sets to give your small shabby chic living room a real country feel. Look out for those with beautiful leaves, or those that look like they’re falling over. This can really lend to a country look, and add a touch of whimsy to the room. Add some old vintage maps and globes to complete the look.

The furniture for this style should reflect this theme, with rough textured wood and very basic pieces that are carved with delicate birdcages. The colors should be soft, pastel tones, and the fabrics should be lightweight and airy. Chairs should be soft, too, with a suede finish on the back to allow it to move easily. Accessorise with cushions, floral prints, and plenty of large flowers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Accessories

Once you have your small shabby chic living room set up, remember that you don’t have to follow this particular design all the way. You can mix and match accessories to suit different rooms. In the kitchen for instance, you might choose a coffee table that has a glass top with a metal frame, to give your room a country feel. You could add an extra piece of wooden furniture in a pine colour, or a rack of antiques for the dining room. You can give each room its own personality, instead of just looking like they’re all from the same collection. It gives you much more flexibility.

One of the advantages of small shabby chic homes is that they look warm and inviting. A great idea for flooring is a mixture of natural grass and hardwood floors, with timber panels to give an extra stylish touch. To keep things in order, ensure that there are no items left lying around. Place large baskets on the dining table to store smaller items. You could even use fabric boxes to store bedding and curtains. Once everything is tidy, you can then bring in your bright colour tiled floors to finish off the look.


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