Choosing Great Industrial Bathroom Decor Ideas

458 – The industrial style usually takes its cues from old industrial workplaces and factories that were reimagined as fashionable residential spaces and lofts. When selecting your industrial bathroom vanity, go for a large vanity unit that has all the exposed pipes running through it exposed rather than concealed. This maximizes the exposure of all the pipes and fixtures and gives an industrial look. In addition to industrial strength fixtures and fittings, you will also find an abundance of different accessories to go along with your new industrial bathroom vanity.

Minimalist Bathroom Design with a Functional Concrete Counter

Many of the industrial bathroom vanity units are made of concrete or stainless steel. While both materials look great, concrete is generally more functional for a bathroom. As such, this material is better used as a base for the rest of the pieces. Stainless steel is definitely a great material for the mirror frames. For those interested in a minimalist bathroom design, concrete vanity with a faux black finish is the way to go.

When you do go for industrial bathroom vanity with exposed pipes, be aware that you may have to put up with a little more shine. Since this is the case, there are numerous products out there on the market today that can help reduce the shine by applying a matte black matte onto the exposed pipes. This Matte black matte blends in beautifully and gives the industrial bathroom a very rustic, yet sleek look to it. You can find matte black fixtures in white or black finishes and many of the matte black fixtures feature silver or gold faucets.

As mentioned previously, most of these vanities will come with either a white, chrome, or silver finish. The one thing you need to keep in mind when selecting one of these pieces is the finish you pick. For industrial bathrooms, chrome and silver finish are generally the choices that are made. These finishes provide a polished look. The downside to this is that they are also the most susceptible to chipping and fading.

Choosing Black for an Industrial Bathroom

If you have chosen a matte black finish for your industrial bathroom vanity, one of your main interior design priorities has to be the plumbing. With a nice polished finish, your sink and shower will come to life with crystal clear elegance. A nice matching tub and stand are also a great addition to this type of look.

Some industrial bathrooms may include a small countertop beneath the sink area. For these bathrooms, you may want to consider opting for a gray or stainless steel sink. Gray is a popular choice and can go well with the grayish-white walls and fixtures. If you like the stainless steel look but you want a gray countertop, try looking for an industrial countertop that features grey grills or door surrounds. Gray is a very popular choice and can really add some accent to any room of your home.

More Modern Bathroom Design

Some industrial bathrooms may be more modern in design. Caged lighting can give the appearance of a larger space. You can give a striking look to any bathroom by choosing black metal caged lighting fixtures. Caged lighting can be a very efficient way to create space inside your vanity. It can also add a contemporary flair to a powder room.

Covered or uncovered hardware is a great way to make any bathroom appear modern. Over uncovered fixtures are very modern as well as simply stunning. If you choose cor cabinets or a cor pedestal, it will provide both a beautiful design element as well as storage. The exposed pipes on the cor pedestal can also offer a very sleek and clean look.


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