Black Walnut Dining Table


ErlanggaBlog.comLooking for a black walnut dining table? Then look no further than this signature piece. This solid and rustic table features black metal legs and many coats of Tung Oil and buffed with walnut oil or carnauba wax. This product is shipped and delivered to your home. You may also arrange for delivery. There are a number of options for this dining table, including several different table heights and leg materials. Read on to discover the advantages of a black walnut dining table.

American Black Walnut wood consists of two distinct layers

Choosing a table from this gorgeous wood is a great way to add rustic elegance to your dining room. American Black Walnut wood is made up of two distinct layers: sapwood and heartwood. Sapwood has a white, creamy tone while the heartwood is golden brown, deep chocolate brown, or even black. Unlike many other woods, this material doesn’t need staining, and the natural beauty of the wood makes it perfect for your home.

Black walnut is judged differently from other species

If you want a high-quality table with beautiful natural characteristics, then this piece is for you. Unlike most woods, black walnut is graded differently than other species. It can have varying amounts of knots and cream-colored sapwood, which are both natural features. Boards with only heartwood are 30% more expensive than those with no knots. Some woods may not have slotted holes in their legs, which causes them to crack and chip over time.

Investments that will last for decades

American black walnut is a medium to large hardwood that is commonly used for furniture. The unique grains and dark colour of the wood make this wood an excellent choice for dining furniture. The NORYA D5 collection from the American Black Walnut range are the best examples of this material for dining tables. A high quality dining table made of this wood is an investment that will last for decades. So, go ahead and make a choice today!


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