How Does Technology Impact HR Professionals and Help them Streamline the Processes?


The general perception is that the HR professionals don’t need any technical skills as most of their job entails organizing and managing employees and various processes in the organization. But in this digital era, HR professionals are required to adapt to various technologies so that they can manage the employees, store files and track the employee performance in a better way. With technology, HR managers can easily gather all the data regarding employee performance to get an overall picture.

If technology can help to streamline the workflow and make the processes more efficient, you must make use of them in some way or the other. To find out why your HR department needs to make use of technology and how it can help them, keep reading the article.

1)Better onboarding process:

What is onboarding? It’s the process of inducting new hires into the company. In this process itself, most of the employees get disengaged as they had to go through a lot of paperwork to complete the initial processes. When you welcome your new hires by making them go through a rigorous and tedious onboarding process, it leaves a very bad impression. To counter this problem, HR managers can make use of onboarding software that facilitates data collection, file management, and much more. With this tool, the job gets easier for both employees and the HR department.

2)Automation of manual tasks:

Not only in onboarding, but there are also many other tasks that HR professionals can automate. The attendance record, pay and benefits, background checking and screening, and many other time-consuming tasks can be automated. Once these tasks are automated, your HR team can focus on other important tasks like hiring better talent and analyzing the skill gaps, etc.

3)Better analysis of employee performance:

Usually, the employee performance is analyzed by productivity and how well they are willing to improve and step up their game. However, with technology, you get a better idea of your employee performance. You get to know which tasks they do better, to what percent they reached the goals set by the manager and you get an overall idea of your employee performance backed with data.

4)Lots of data:

Whenever someone puts up a new business proposal or idea in a meeting, you tend to doubt whether the idea will work or not. But when the ideas are backed by data, you get a better picture of how helpful that idea can be. This is what can happen with technology as your decisions can be backed by data which gives a more realistic approach.

With technology, the HR team can accumulate lots of data about their employees but too much data collection can also prove to be detrimental. If you are always closely monitoring your employees, it will make them uncomfortable.


A typical HR job usually entails a lot of process-driven work. Right from screening different CVs, printing offer letters, employee onboarding formalities, and other organizational events, etc should be managed by the HR team which is a highly process-driven work. But with various tools, you can automate all these tasks. As your HR team gets more time by automating these tasks, they can focus on other important things.

6)Secured documentation:

All the employee information can be collected in a centralized cloud-based technology which can be highly secured. The data can be accessed anytime, anywhere and it can also be highly secured. With this technology, lots of paperwork can be avoided. You can have complete control over the data access.


To wrap up, it’s high time that your HR team needs to get used to and is more familiar with technologies so that they can ease out their work and help the organization and the employees as well. We hope this article helps you to understand more about how technology can help your HR team to streamline their processes better.


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