Why Religion is Important? The Truth Behind It

why religion is important

Hello and good morning guys, it’s nice to see you come back to my website. This day I want to share a topic about why religion is important for human and what happen if there is no religion in this world. Well, are you curious about this topic, that is why you need to stay tuned and read all my article today?

Why Religion is Important?

What do you think will happen to this world if there is no religion in this world. What will happen if the world runs without anyone rule it? Can you imagine that? The world where anyone can do anything without afraid someone will mock at them or without sins that await them later. Can you imagine the total chaos that will happen to this world? Well, then what do you think about religion? Is it important?

First, before talking further about this topic, we also need to know what is religion. So, what is it according to your opinion? Well, according to some people, religion is a worship cultural system, that design our ways to behave and practice, also our way to see the world, the things that arrange our ethics and even our organizations, this religion is our only ways that connect humanity to the supernatural and something beyond our mind.

However, often times people use this differentiation as the sign that they are their religion enemies. Well, I’m quite wondering why people can’t accept the differentiation that is all around them. They also try to hostile everything if that thing is different than them especially in religion. They always use God name to justify their actions. Isn’t that is kinda funny and ridiculous?

Biggest Religion VS Minor Religion

Well, as you know there is a few biggest religion in the world like Buddhism, Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and a few other major religion. However, we are very often to see this religion hostile the other region and become one from so many reasons to kill the other people even until cause the genocide attack that can kill thousand of innocent people. Well, if we look again to the reason why religion exists in each other religion. I can guess your religion will not justify this act, right?

So, what are you doing when you kill the other people name? In God’s sake? Or maybe it’s only your own lust to eliminate someone life? Do you still want to hide behind God’s religion and name? Well, I think it’s quite not gentle if people try to justify their act with God’s name or religion. I think everybody needs to take their own consequence with their own hand and there is no redemption for this,

I think my article today about why religion is important is enough for today. If you find this article is useful for you and can be used for good deeds to help the other people, please share this article with them. I hope my article can help you to spread joy with the other people. Thanks for reading my article today I hope my article can give benefits in your life. See you soon in my next article and have a nice day guys.

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

– Seneca


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