The Unique Games on Smartphone || Feel the Uniqueness To Enhance Your Gaming Experience!


Playing FPS, RPG and fighting game is normal. But, deep within in our hearts we want something new or unique. Yeah, looking for the game like that is not easy. But, we have the list of unique games on the smartphone that you can download on your store for free. The game that we present for you is both available on Android and iOS. So, you can rest assured. Just see it with your own eyes.

Pokemon GO

pokemon go

For Pokemon lover this game like their soulmate. So, why we choose this game as the unique one? What is so special about this? In this game, you can catch your Pokemon in the real world. Through AR (Augmented Reality) Technology you can meet the Pokemon directly in your real world. Also, the Pokemon will appear depending on your location. For example, if you want to catch Squirtle, you can go to water area to find it. Through this game, you can find the new sensation of playing a game. Even though the game is really awesome, you can’t battle the wild Pokemon. If you want to do a battle, you must go to the nearest GYM depend on your area.

Break the Prison

break the prsion

The next unique game on the list. This game really amazes me because it can give something different like any others one. Your task in this game is to find the way out from your prison. Do you think it will be that easy? It depends on your luck and strategy. The mission in this game has many varieties, one of them is stealing the key from the cope and solve the puzzle to break your own jail!

Cut the Rope

cut the rope

Who doesn’t know about this one? For the fans of mobile gaming must ever hear about this game. The phenomenal game that already played by million users. Like the title you need to cut the rope to make the green monster move to another place. If you failed to do it, you will face game over screen. You need to think deeply how to cut it without making any mistake, the faster you finish the stage, the high score you earn. The game is really simple, but it can show the uniqueness through the gameplay.

Tap Titans

tap titans gameplay

The craziest game ever. You don’t have any special task in this game. You just simply tap the screen to beat the monster. The faster your tap, the better damage you inflict on the enemy. You can also use a special skill to kill the enemy instantly. Like another normal RPG game, you can change your character’s weapon to boost the damage and get the additional status.

Blades of Brim

blade of brim gameplay

Do you know Subway Surfers? If so, you know how to play this game very well. Why we don’t choose Subway Surfers instead? The reason is quite simple because there are many games that mimic Subway Surfers gameplay, only Blade of Brim that have the different feels. Yeah, in this game, you are not only running but also you need to beat the enemies along the way. You can smash your enemies with blade, staff, and Axe. If you need another help, you can summon your pet.

If you ask about the unique games on smartphone, you already know the answer above. Oh yeah, we almost forgot. If you are not satisfied, you can visit Yourgameinfo to see the another unique game that you may like. Okay guys, let’s play together to feel the uniqueness right away!


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