Greedy Cave Game Tricks and Review

greedy cave game

Hello and good morning guys, welcome back to my website. How’s your day? Do everything works like what you have been planned before? This day I want to share with you about one of my favorite game that I found on the internet. Do you know what is that? Yeah, you right, it is the Greedy Cave game. So, how much you know about this game? Do you want to know more about this game? Come and read about it only on my website today!

Greedy Cave Review

Greedy cave review

The greedy cave is a game that published by Avalon-games. This game published with a lot of features in it including randomly generated cave level that will give you a different sensation of game experience every time you play, hundreds of monster to defeat, hundreds of equipment to collect, hundreds of achievement and quest to conquer, enchanting system, leveling up, Gold collecting, and many more.

However, even though this game is simple to play, there are a lot of people that still stuck in a few hard level. That’s also become my biggest motive to make this article. Well, it is because I want to share my guide on this game on my Greedy cave review this day. So, are you curious? Check out my guide below!

Greedy Cave Game Trick

Because there are a lot of people that still meet a lot of difficulties on this game, I will share some of my tips on this Greedy Cave guide today! Check it out!

  1. Escape Scrolls!
    • This is what will save you later. Don’t forget to find this item in the first until fifth levels. Check every chest and pouch that you can find on that floor!Greedy cave guide
  2. Avoid unnecessary damage.
    • Are you a fool? Try to find the fastest route and the easiest one. Don’t choose the route with a lot of monsters only to get a single pouch! It is really not worth! The only goal that you need to remember is to grinding some EXP to level up!
  3. Pouches!
    • Pouches contain potions and scrolls. Potions and scrolls keep you alive and extend your life to grind more EXP. Don’t miss any of it!
  4. Boss RUN!
    • Don’t act all brave and idiot! Don’t ever think that you are strong enough to beat down the boss alone or you will die as a clown. Just do a boss run to analyze the boss power and to restock your potions in town. Once you are ready to take down the boss maybe you can face it slowly.

Well, if you already following this guide and you still stuck, maybe you need something that can grant you a lot of power. Why not use this Greedy Cave hack? This tool will give you a lot of crystals that will help you to buy a new gear and upgrade a new skill. That means you will be more powerful than before in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Use it and become the strongest character that ever exists now! Don’t forget to share this greedy cave game┬átrick with your friends! See you and have a nice day dude!


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